Run by the Tennis Foundation, with support from the Lawn Tennis Association and UK Sport, Ticket2Tokyo searches for sporty and active individuals who want to play wheelchair tennis.

Stage One - Festivals

Eight free festivals will run in October 2015 to attract new players to wheelchair tennis in a fun and social environment. The festivals will be run by experienced coaches taking participants through a day of exciting activities where they will learn the basics of wheelchair tennis and play informal competitions. Participants will find out about their nearest regular wheelchair tennis sessions and those who have shown potential will be invited to the next stage of the Ticket2Tokyo programme.

Stage Two - Development Camps

Players who have shown potential in the first stage of Ticket2Tokyo or at local wheelchair tennis sessions will be invited to one of three Development Camps taking place in November and December 2015. These camps are an opportunity for players to test their skills and learn advanced techniques under the guidance of elite level coaches.

Stage Three - Selection Camps

Players who impress during the second stage will be invited to attend Performance Selection Camps in 2016. Selection Camps take place 6-8 times a year with the chance to gain a place on the Performance Squads up for grabs. 

Who knows, you may have the chance to go all the way and compete at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo!


Wheelchair Tennis Quick Facts

About: Wheelchair tennis uses the same rules as non-disabled tennis but players are allowed an extra bounce of the ball. 

Equipment: Players use a specially designed sports wheelchair to aid mobility around the court. The court, rackets and balls are not modified. 

Classification: Anyone with a medically diagnosed permanent mobility related physical disability can play wheelchair tennis. There are three divisions; men's, women's and quad, for players with a disability in three or more limbs.

Competitions: There are over 160 tournaments on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour and wheelchair tennis is played at all four Grand Slams.

Paralympics: Wheelchair tennis has been a Paralympic sport since 1992 with the quad division added in 2004. British players compete for ParalympicsGB

If you'd like to find out more information about wheelchair tennis Talent ID, visit the Talent Development section of our website or email us at t2t@tennisfoundation.org.uk

UK Sport Logo

Players on the Tennis Foundation's Wheelchair Tennis Performance Programme are supported by UK Sport funding.

Glasgow - 4th October

Loughborough - 10th October

Taunton - 10th October

South Wales - 10th October

Gosling - 11th October

North Wales - 11th October

South Ribble - 11th October

London - 18th October

For more information on these Festivals including venue address and times please click here.

Wheelchair Tennis Players

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