Clubmark Criteria - Tennis Programmes

A requirement of Tennis Clubmark is that you produce a documented tennis programme, listing all your tennis coaching and competition activities for adults and juniors, and detailing who is responsible for their delivery. Understanding what you deliver will help you identify any gaps in your programme and to plan for its successful expansion.

The head coach in your programme must be an LTA Licensed Coach which ensures that they are safe to practice; have public liability insurance, are first aid qualified, are CRB checked and hold a recognised qualification.  To continue to be recognised as a Tennis Clubmark club you will need to always make sure your head coach is licensed.

You should also ensure that your tennis programme is inclusive and can accommodate all members of the community who wish to participate. You should consider the needs of all individuals when planning your tennis programme and ensure that coaching sessions and competitions are planned with the needs of all individuals in mind.

* Restricted places to play without floodlights can use an LTA Registered Coach to head up their programme, as long as the person has completed the e-learning module on ‘structuring programmes’.  A registered coach would also be expected to add personal development through CPD or qualification upgrade within the action plan.  An emphasis on linking with other facilities to enable an ‘all year round’ programme should also feature heavily in the action plan.

Comprehensive tennis programme for all ages and abilities

There are many areas to consider when putting together a tennis programme:

  • Coach requirement/development
  • Appropriate facilities/equipment
  • Coach : player ratios
  • Affordability
  • Programme content/structure
  • Developing talent
  • School/community links

There is further guidance available on each of the areas listed above.

To promote a national standard of quality delivery, a set of minimum programme guidelines have also been produced, see the second page of this document.

Both of these areas are updated and revised regularly to ensure they are relevant and in line with current levels of activity.

Coach License and/or Registration

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Clubmark Minimum Programme Guidelines

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