Frost & Co. Dorset Open 2017

Tournament code: DOR17S0165 | Sponsored by: Frost & Co

06 Aug - 12 Aug - 2017S - Week 33

 East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Dorset

Event name:
Grade: 3
Rating guide: Any - Any
Payment info: Pay online
Timings info: Start 9 am
Provisional Draw Size:
Open for entries: 21/06/2017
Closed for entries: 23/07/2017 23:00
Withdrawal deadline: 25/07/2017 10:00
Start date: 08/08/2017
End date: 08/08/2017
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Results Available

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8U Mixed Singles

Main Draw
Final Non Member (None) Bye
Semi Final Non Member (None) Bye
Semi Final Non Member (None) Bye
Quarter Final Lucianna Lyle (Orange 4) 10-5 Jasper Beach (Red)
Quarter Final Daniella Britton (Red) 10-7 Ryan Robertson (Orange 4)
Quarter Final Noah Rogers (Red) 10-8 Lauren Batchelor (Orange 4)
Quarter Final Zayn Bellazrak (Orange 1) 10-8 Jason Button (Orange 4)

Group A

Qualifying - Positions
1 Zayn Bellazrak (Orange 1)
2 Lauren Batchelor (Orange 4)
3 Ryan Robertson (Orange 4)
4 Jasper Beach (Red)
Round Robin 3 Lauren Batchelor (Orange 4) 11-9 Ryan Robertson (Orange 4)
Round Robin 3 Zayn Bellazrak (Orange 1) 10-1 Jasper Beach (Red)
Round Robin 2 Ryan Robertson (Orange 4) 10-7 Jasper Beach (Red)
Round Robin 2 Zayn Bellazrak (Orange 1) 10-6 Lauren Batchelor (Orange 4)
Round Robin 1 Zayn Bellazrak (Orange 1) 10-4 Ryan Robertson (Orange 4)
Round Robin 1 Lauren Batchelor (Orange 4) 10-7 Jasper Beach (Red)

Group B

Qualifying - Positions
1 Jason Button (Orange 4)
2 Noah Rogers (Red)
3 Daniella Britton (Red)
4 Lucianna Lyle (Orange 4)
Round Robin 3 Noah Rogers (Red) 10-4 Lucianna Lyle (Orange 4)
Round Robin 3 Jason Button (Orange 4) 10-3 Daniella Britton (Red)
Round Robin 2 Noah Rogers (Red) 10-6 Daniella Britton (Red)
Round Robin 2 Lucianna Lyle (Orange 4) 10-2 Jason Button (Orange 4)
Round Robin 1 Jason Button (Orange 4) 10-5 Noah Rogers (Red)
Round Robin 1 Daniella Britton (Red) 12-10 Lucianna Lyle (Orange 4)
8U Mixed Singles
Salterns Road,
Lower Parkstone,
Venue facilities Bar Changing Rooms Clubhouse Equipment Hire Meeting Rooms Toilets Wheelchair Access

Contact details

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Catherine Barrow

Tournament Organiser



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Kris Dymond

Tournament Referee



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