Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (formerly known as Criminal Records Bureau or CRB) 

What is an enhanced DBS check?

An enhanced DBS check is a record of all warnings, reprimands, cautions and convictions, along with any additional information a Chief Police officer deems relevant to the role a person is applying for.

A DBS check is one part of the Safe Recruitment process to make sure that the right people are working within tennis. You can find out more about safe recruitment procedures by reading our guide: Safe Recruitment for Tennis Venues.

What is a Barred List check?

A Barred List check is a record of people who have been suspended from working with children, young people and adults at risk.

Who needs to complete an enhanced DBS check?

Anyone working in regulated activity. In addition, there are some other roles where the LTA require you to undertake a DBS check. Please see the list of roles for DBS/Barred List checks in tennis.

Who needs to complete a Barred List Check?

Anyone who is in regulated activity. It is a legal requirement for employers to check the Barred List of anyone working in regulated activity. Please see the list of roles for DBS/Barred List check in tennis.

Do I have to complete two forms to have an enhanced DBS and Barred List check?

No – you only need to complete the one application form which is now online. The Safeguarding Team will know what type of check to apply for based on the role you are applying for.

How old does someone need to be to complete a DBS check?

The minimum age to apply for a DBS check is 16 years old.

I have a paper DBS application form, can I use this?

No - paper applications will no longer be accepted by the LTA from 1 September 2013.  Any paper applications received will be returned to the applicant.

Now the name of CRB has changed to DBS, can I still use my CRB disclosure?

Yes – If you have an LTA CRB disclosure, you can continue to use this up to three years from its date of issue. Please note that if you are a coach, you are required to ensure that you renew your registration or license before the grace period ends for your CRB/DBS disclosure to remain valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Do I need a DBS check to complete the Level 1 Coaching Assistant Course?

No - you are only required to get a letter of safe deployment to attend the course. You will need to complete an enhanced DBS and Barred List check to apply for anything else, e.g. Level 2 Coaching Assistant, Registration, etc.

What if I get an enhanced DBS check to complete the Level 1 Coaching Course, can I use this to apply for Registration?

No - you will be required to apply for a new enhanced DBS check with the Barred List check.



LTA administration fee   

DBS fee     


Accredited Coach / Official    




British Tennis Member








Anyone else




*Volunteers are exempt from the £44 DBS fee. Volunteer DBS checks cannot be used to apply for LTA qualifications or accreditation.

Why are the LTA charging an administration fee? 

To offer a competitive service in-line with other sports and to provide a more efficient process to applicants. The benefits of the on-line application form include a:

  • error rate in applications submitted reduced from 15% to less than 1%;
  • applications completed within days compared to 8-10 weeks; and
  • form immediately accessible through a smartphone, computer or laptop. 

I am a volunteer, is it free?

No – All volunteers are required to pay an administration fee of £8 to complete an online DBS check.

Can I submit a paper DBS application form?

No – As of September 1, 2013, the LTA no longer accepts paper application forms.

I was an accredited coach/official but my grace period has lapsed, what administration fee do I pay?

As you are no longer accredited, you will be required to either pay £10 if you are a BTM or £15 if you are not a BTM.

I am joining an accreditation scheme, what administration fee do I pay?

You will be required to either pay £10 if you are a BTM or £15 if you are not a BTM. When you are accredited, provided you do not let your accreditation lapse, you would then only pay £8.

How long does a DBS check take to complete? 

Once your DBS has been countersigned, it can take up to eight weeks, however many are completed in less time. We strongly recommend allowing sufficient time to complete your DBS check if you need it to renew your accreditation or book on a coaching course.