The Update Service

The Update Service

What is the Update Service? 

The Update Service allows applicants to use the same DBS check across multiple organisations provided the type of check and role remains the same.  Applicants who wish to join the update service need to do so within 30 days of their last DBS Certificate issue date.

How much does it cost to join the Update Service? 

It costs £13 per year (free to Volunteers).

Do I need to join the Update Service? 

No – this is optional and each individual can decide if they wish to join.

How do I join the Update Service? 

To join the Update Service please visit

I am a member of the Update Service and need the LTA to perform a Status Check to gain Accreditation and qualifications.  What do I do? 

I) Complete the Status Check Request form.

II) Send your original DBS Certificate you used to join the Update Service and one form of original ID to the LTA. Once the Safeguarding Team have this, the Status Check can be performed.

Why do I need to send my DBS Certificate to the LTA before the Status Check can occur? 

I) To ensure the right level of check is undertaken.

ll) The LTA also gets your written consent at the same time.

If I join the Update Service, will I ever need to do another DBS?

No - not if the role you originally applied for stays the same. 

Yes I) – if your role changes and your Status Check does not match the role you are applying for.

Yes II) – if there is new information on your DBS Check or if your personal information changes.

Yes III) – if you lose your DBS Certificate.  The DBS will not issue replacements.

How often will the LTA complete a Status Check on my DBS?

Every 3 years in line with current checking arrangements.  Coaches and Officials are also required to complete a Self-Declaration on the first and second anniversary of the completion of their check, even if a member of the Update Service

Will the LTA perform a Status Check without telling me?

No – the LTA need your consent to perform a Status Check.