Online DBS Checks

There are two important stages to the online DBS application process:

  1. Complete your application form by following the instructions in the box below.
  2. Make an appointment with an ID Checker to verify your ID.

Download the list of what ID can be used and the contact details for ID Checkers.

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There are two different types of DBS checks:

     1) Enhanced DBS and Barred List check

This can be used to apply for all LTA qualifications and accreditation (e.g. Level 2 Coaching Assistant, Officials Licence etc).

You should also obtain this check if you are working unsupervised with children.

Note: if you are on the Barred List, it is illegal to apply for this check.


     2) Enhanced DBS check

This cannot be used to apply for any LTA qualifications above the Level 1 Coaching Assistant* or LTA accreditation.

*Please note you can ask the course provider for a Letter of Safe Deployment (instead of a DBS check) to apply for the Level 1 Coaching Assistant.

Please choose the type of DBS check you require from the boxes below.


Enhanced DBS and Barred List check - £59

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Enhanced DBS check - £59

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