Volunteer DBS Checks


Please read this information carefully before proceeding

To proceed with applying for a DBS check, you must log in to the LTA website.

If you do not have an LTA login, you can create one by signing up for British Tennis Membership.  It is free for members of LTA registered venues.

If you do not have an LTA login, and do not want (or are unable) to create one, please contact us at DBS@LTA.org.uk



Eligibility for Volunteer DBS checks

The DBS have strict criteria around who is eligible for a volunteer DBS check.  In order to apply for a volunteer DBS check, you must confirm that you meet the below definition of a volunteer:

A volunteer is a person who is engaged in any activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travelling and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives.

Types of Volunteer DBS checks

There are two different types of volunteer DBS checks:

1) Enhanced DBS check

Welfare Officers and other volunteers should use this option to apply for a DBS check if they are NOT working in Regulated Activity.  

2) Enhanced DBS and Barred List check

Volunteers should use this option to apply for a DBS check if they ARE working in Regulated Activity


Need help?

If you are not sure what level of DBS check is required, please contact us at DBS@LTA.org.uk

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A volunteer DBS check cannot be used to apply for:

  • coach accreditation;
  • any qualifications; or 
  • paid employment.