Tennismark & Tennismark+


Tennismark is a way of recognising good standards and best practice at tennis venues in Britain. Tennismark+ is the high tier of this accreditation.

Tennismark and Tennismark+ is the tennis-specific version of the Clubmark best practice accreditation implemented by Sport England.

Find out more about Clubmark accreditation.

How does my tennis venue receive Tennismark or Tennismark+ accreditation?

As part of the venue registration process a range of basic questions around key areas of the organisation are asked.

Depending upon the answers, the organisation will meet a standard of Tennismark (safe the practice) or Tennismark+ (safe to practice with an all-encompassing programme).

How do I apply for Tennismark or Tennismark+ accreditation?

Tennis venues must be registered to received Tennismark or Tennismark+ accreditation.

If you are an existing registered venue and you have the ‘web admin’ role at your venue,  log in to your secure area to understand the criteria required.

If you are not currently a registered venue then start the process today.



A guide to achieving tennismark accreditation at your tennis venue.


Guide to Venue Registration and Tennismark

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