Quad squad in action in Baton Rouge

Hear from Tennis Foundation National Wheelchair Tennis Coach Stuart Wilkinson as he blogs from Baton Rouge, where three of GB's quad players are in action at the Cajun Classic.

Day Three

Well, a slightly disappointing end to the tour, but Jamie fought hard against Wagner before losing out 6-3, 6-2. Jamie's back seized up at 3-2 up in the first and this restricted his movement and power. It's definitely not an excuse but made it tough on the day.

Adam and Antony both played well in their consolation semi-finals and won through to face each other on Sunday in the Battle of Britain!

Last night's dinner was interesting as we ate at a newly opened Mexican restaurant and were serenaded by a Mexican quartet (I may have told the waitress it was Adam's birthday!).

Mexican Restaurant

The rain has been off and on extending our days by 5 or 6 hours so it's been a great trip to chat with the players, play games and just spend time with each of them individually. On another positive the wet weather has brought out the local turtles!


We've got a long final day ahead starting off with a 7am practice, followed by the consolation final and then the internal flight to Atlanta before finally heading home from Atlanta to Heathrow.

Next up in a few weeks – South Africa! 

Check out all the final results from the Cajun Open here. 

Day Two

Well it wasn't the best day at the courts today as Anthony and Adam both lost their singles in comfortable fashion, and didn't really get in to the matches in the way they could do.

Jamie, however, was very solid and did well to focus and not get too distracted to defeat Greg Hasterok (USA) 6-2, 4-6, 6-3.

We did have a three-hour delay due to rain which is not helping my tan and not what you expect from the USA!

We have also discovered a fantastic Asian buffet restaurant that has anything you can imagine on the menu apart from prawn crackers! I know - shocking!

The doubles draw has just been made and it's a repeat of last week's match with Ant and Jamie vs Adam and Hasterok so on the positive side we're going to have at least one Brit in the semi-final. Check out Adam and Ant chilling out courtside below...

You can keep up-to-date with full results and draws from the Cajun Classic here. 

Not much else to report, apart from the fact my jetlag hasn't gone, and it's time for me to go source some more food!

Adam Field and Antony Cotterill 

Day One

Howdy partners from southern USA. This week I have travelled from Sheffield, where lots of our players were competing at an ITF Futures event, via my washing machine (a very quick turnaround of clothes) and reached my destination of Baton Rouge. Now that was a long travel day, with many minor annoyances which I won't bore you with.

But I arrived safely in my hotel and got some good rest but I am still waiting for my bags to arrive...

This week the quad squad of Jamie Burdekin, Anthony Cotterill and Adam Field will be competing at the ITF 1 Cajun Classic. The guys competed last week in Pensacola and Jamie made the semis, losing out to world No.1 David Wagner (who you may remember from some of my previous blogs). So my aim this week is to turn that result around.

Regular readers will know that this is a record for me not to have mentioned food so far! Well it's ok folks I have done alright so far, although Joe's Shack, that I assumed was meat and ribs, was in fact a crab shack!!! No need to panic though as lunch was tasty mozzarella sticks, corn cobs and fries.

It's quite hard to find healthy food here or even apple or orange juice but I'm staying strong and have had no fizzy drinks yet after I gave them up for lent. Not long to go on that one...

I will welcome the players this evening, debrief from last week's efforts and together we will plan the focus of this week.

Baton Rouge Crab Shack