Cambs LTA AGM and Sports Marketing Workshop

Friday, December 21, 2012


 This is by way of advance notice for you of an evening at Emmanuel College on Tuesday 5th March 2013.

The evening will comprise:

  • The Cambs LTA AGM. We intend that this will be a short event covering the essentials - though we will of course make sure you can ask any questions you wish. I will send all the papers in February
  • Buffet food & drinks supplied by the excellent catering staff at the College. We've done this for each of the last two years - and very good it has been too!!
  • A workshop run by the Sports Marketing Network entitled "GROW YOUR TENNIS CLUB". A similar event has recently taken place in Bedfordshire and I am told was well received. This is a free event to attend (paid for by the County) and could prove very useful in taking your club forward. The workshop has two parts:

        * How to raise your clubs profile in the local community

        * How to grow your membership

Clubs will be contacted again early February to find out who from your club will be attending. It's good to come with a friend so if your club would like to send two members that will be fine (though only 1 vote per club at the AGM of course!)

Happy Christmas & a Very Happy New Year




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