Tennis Leaders course

Friday, February 08, 2013
Tennis Leaders course

The Tennis Leader course is aimed at people aged 13 years plus and the course can be delivered by any licensed coach.





The course is suitable for older juniors just starting out on the tennis career pathway through to adult volunteers looking to support their local coach, referee or club official and the purpose of the course is to provide some basic training around communication and organisation within tennis. 

This basic training enables people of all ages and skill sets to support the coach and committee with the day to day running of the tennis venue and tennis programme. 

Young leaders often see the course as the first step on the career ladder, gaining valuable skills that can be transferred into other industries.  Adults who enjoy volunteering see it as a way of getting some informal training around organising competition or taking a role on the committee.

Any licensed tennis coach or active secondary school teacher is able to run the Tennis Leaders course.  The tutor workbook is the same as the leader workbook and contains notes and teaching points throughout allowing for easy delivery and resources are provided free of charge.

For more information about the Tennis Leader course visit the LTA website.



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