Test Valley School Games

Friday, March 22, 2013
Test Valley School Games

The first Test Valley School Games were held at Romsey Sport Centre on Friday 15th March with 10 teams from 8 different school scompeting in the tennis event.

Each team had four players – 2 boys and 2 girls and competed in Round Robin boxes.   



All players received a small goodie bag which included a medal, wristband, pen and certificate.

Schools competing were:

  • West Tytherley (three teams)
  • Lockerley
  • Awbridge
  • Braishfield
  • Wherwell
  • Halterworth
  • Nursling
  • Wellow

Donna SGO said: This is the first time we have played tennis in Romsey area so this is a new competition.  We think it is a very good game to develop sending and receiving skills for Years 3 / 4 which can then lead onto to sports specific skills required for tennis.

Schools from Test Valley joined Romsey schools in this first competition and I can see this will now grow and grow over the years.

Thanks go to Sports Centre and Romsey and Abbey Tennis Club for hosting this competition.

Richard Libby (Romsey and Abbey Tennis Club), tennis organiser, said it was great to see so many schools taking part in the first Level 2 schools games competition and Romsey and Abbey Tennis Club are very proud to hosting this event and we look forward to hosting them in the future increasing School Games participation.



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