She Rallies Programmes

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

She Rallies Programmes

Lil Miss-Hits (5-8 years old)

A 6 session block designed to introduce girls age 5-8 to starter tennis in a fun environment. Lil Miss-Hits will develop the skills needed to play tennis and a group of friends to play with. It’s a non-technical course so you don’t need to be a qualified coach to deliver it. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is full of simple skill building activities and games. Perfect for teachers, students, mums, sports leaders, community workers and club members. Lil Miss-Hits makes starter tennis delivery simple and fun.

Tennis for Starter Teen Girls (11 years old)

Aims to increase the number of teen girls trying tennis and keeping them in the game by providing teachers, students, club members, parents and sports/youth leaders with lots of individual, paired and team activities for developing the skills needed to play tennis, along with many fun games that provide a basic introduction to tactical doubles play and court positioning.

Teen tennis does not require a tennis court and will focus on delivering to big numbers in whatever space is available. This course will make our sport both simple and fun to deliver, in schools, parks and clubs.

Girls Fun Days (Any Age)

The Fun Day event will give attendees a whole range of ideas for running sessions aimed at any age and level of tennis ability. From beginners to improvers to performers, from under 10s to over 60s. We will show you how to run drop in sessions for new starts or old hands, bring a friend days, mums and daughters days, themed days…using whatever space, time and equipment you have available.

These days are great for bringing girls together and for boosting your numbers at the club or park.

Recreational Competitions (Any Age)

This event will show you how to bring fun into competition using funky rules and out of the box scoring for team or doubles events with a twist.

We need more girls competing in school, club and county teams so we must make it fun. Girls like being with their friends so team events are our goal.

We will show you how to maximise your numbers and your court space by running skills stations alongside the matches

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