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Friday, August 10, 2018

Tennis Scotland is the independent governing body for Tennis in Scotland providing support to member clubs and organisations across Scotland working with a range of partners and stakeholders to ‘Deliver The Legacy’.

Working to capitalise on the growth in tennis in Scotland together with the significant inspiration from Scottish success at the highest level in World tennis, Tennis Scotland aims to harness the current high profile and success of our players on the world stage to DELIVER THE LEGACY.

Our objectives are many but can be summarised as follows:

We are targeting more people playing our sport more often. We want more of our tennis population and non tennis population enjoying the benefits of tennis in our communities. Whether that is for the health benefits, the social interaction, the competition, or as a career, we would like more of our communities to experience the wide range of positive impacts that come from tennis and playing recreationally, socially or competitively.

We want to develop and deliver a world class performance system so that no matter your background or resources, we can deliver opportunities for all players who have ambitions for a career in our game. Whether that is as a player with ambitions for the very top of the world game, or whether that is as a coach, a volunteer or an official.

Our workforce is a vital part of our plans as stated above. We have developed a Youth Academy to train new Officials for tennis who could be officiating at Wimbledon within the year. We plan to continue to develop our workforce of coaches, volunteers, officials, parents, and anyone who can be educated to assist in introducing and coaching tennis to our young people in Scotland. We also need to ensure that we invest in our coaches and coach educators so that Scotland can enjoy the benefits of world class coaching and a world class workforce.  We want coaches to feel valued and to be supported in all aspects of the coaching profession. As such we want to develop more opportunities for more full time and part time jobs in coaching and to develop coaching as a career in Scotland.

We are aware of the challenges in facilities and the need for more courts, quality facilities and indoor courts to develop more opportunities for all year play for our club members and also to develop the pay as you play market.

This is a central strand of our plans and we are confident that we will be able to increase the number and range of indoor courts across Scotland. This will help increase the capacity and quality on offer thanks to the support we have achieved from our partners British Tennis and sportscotland.

In order to grow our sport, we require to build on strong foundations. These foundations are being developed in terms of sound governance, processes, structures and system that will assist in delivering outcomes for tennis in Scotland on behalf of our partners, stakeholders and wider tennis community.

In summary we want to see more people playing across clubs and pay as you go facilities. We want to see more quality facilities and world class workforce development and coaching. We want to see an all year round sport in our communities with tennis a major or leading player in our communities in terms of community access to facilities. We want to see more Scottish players succeeding at the very top of the game in juniors and on the ATP and WTA tours and we want an ambitious confident organisation working with all to create growth and investment to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for Scottish Tennis.



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