Community Tennis Networks

Thursday, October 26, 2017

In order to ensure we are making the right facility investment we want to encourage partners to work together locally to agree a shared vision for tennis in your community. As such we are asking for applications to be supported by a Community Tennis Network plan which covers all aspects of tennis development and shows how a facility investment is crucial to the success and vision for tennis in the area. We do however understand that every community is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

That said, we generally expect Community Tennis Networks to comprise of:

  • - Two or more partner organisations - with an agreed lead partner.
  • - Partners can include local authorities and leisure trusts, charities, school and education organisations, Clubs and Community Sports Hubs, District Tennis Associations for example.
  • - A shared vision for tennis in the community or area, linking to established programmes, such as Park Tennis, School of Tennis, Active Schools, Fit for Girls to name a few.
  • - An indoor court facility project.
  • - A commitment to the development of tennis throughout the community including outdoor tennis provision with a number of club and park tennis facilities that share this vision.
  • - A commitment to ensure courts are accessible and easy to book online. We’ll want their usage to be monitored.
  • - A sound plan for the venues’ sustainability as businesses.

Getting started

  • - You may already be working with partners on a local development plan.
  • - If not, talk to potential partners in your area about your ideas for creating a Community Tennis Network.
  • - Once you’ve got the basis of an idea, contact your Tennis Scotland Regional Development Manager and sportscotland’s Partnership Manager. They can offer practical guidance and steer you towards other parties who might be able to bring something to your project.
  • - Think carefully about the role each partner will play, what they want to achieve and how, by working together, you can make the biggest possible impact on your community.

Download the Community Network Plan Guidelines


Community Network Plan Guidelines



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