The Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis Fund

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis Fund

This is the main Scottish fund within the Transforming British Tennis Together initiative and has been developed through a partnership between sportscotland, the LTA and Tennis Scotland. The fund will provide funding specifically for indoor tennis projects which are supported by a Community Tennis Network.

The LTA and sportscotland will invest £7.5 million each in this fund which we anticipate will be delivered over the next 10 years.

The level of funding will vary from project to project and will reflect the promise we see for real transformation in your community through your Community Tennis Network Plan. We anticipate up to two thirds of the capital investment for the indoor project coming from Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis with the remaining funding being sourced locally.

Funding Guidelines in Brief

- Capital funding for the development of indoor tennis projects only

- Projects should be central to the development of the Community Tennis Network Plan for the area.

- There will be a two stage application process with two investment rounds per year - March and September. The initial round has been scheduled for March 2018 to allow applicants to work alongside Tennis Scotland to develop their proposals and Community Tennis Network Plan

- Applicants can apply for an award of up to 66% project costs made up of a maximum award of up to 33% from sportscotland and a maximum award of up to 33% from the LTA. We anticipate a maximum award of up to £1M in total per project

- Examples of the type and quality of indoor tennis facilities can be downloaded for your information on the attached datasheets

- Priority projects will address geographic gap across Scotland and will create 3 or 4 indoor courts as part of a new/existing multi-sport facility with appropriate levels of support, changing facilities and operational management structure. The minimum core accommodation requirements are shown in the table below.

- As well as meeting a geographic gap for indoor tennis courts, the priority will be given to projects that can demonstrate a need for the indoor tennis centre as part of an established active regional tennis network of like-minded tennis deliverers in the area.

- All projects must provide more and better opportunities for the inactive to become active, people with protected characteristics or from disadvantaged communities, and those who experience other forms of inequality or exclusion  to participate in tennis in an affordable, accessible and inclusive environment

Core Facility Requirements;

We anticipate that the majority of the indoor courts funded through this Fund may be located adjacent to an existing multi sports facility and therefore some of these may already be provided as part of an exisiting centre. By prioritising indoor tennis centres added to existing facilities we can use the funding to create more centres across the country.

If this is the case, you must show that appropriate facilities are provided for the entire centre and how the new addition is connected to these.


- Indoor tennis courts to meet LTA dimensional requirements. Refer to our website - Number and surface of indoor courts to be determined locally by applicant and appropriate to the regional gaps demonstrated and agreed in consultation with sportscotland, LTA and Tennis Scotland

- Changing accomodation and toilet facilities appropriate for number of courts (and existing accomodation where applicable)
- Changing Places accessible changing facilities -
- Entrance/Reception with waiting area
- Cafe/Social area
- Dedicated storage space adjacent to tennis courts

In addition, it may also be worth considering the following supplementary facilities;


- Spectator seating overlooking the tennis courts

- Office/meeting room accomodation for coaches and staff
- Up to 4 outdoor tennis courts to meet LTA dimensional requirements


The first thing to do will be to complete the expression of interest form which can be found here - Expression of Interest Form - and the Stage 1 application form and full guidelines will be issued to you directly following the expression of interest stage.

- The Stage 1 application form and full guidelines will be issued following the expression of interest



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