Tennis Scotland AGM 2016 - Update

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Tennis Scotland AGM took place on April 13th 2017 at the Stirling Court Hotel. Attendees were reminded of just what a successful period the sport has enjoyed in this country recently with 2016 witnessing continued growth in the numbers picking up a racket, 7 Grand Slam titles, 2 Gold and 1 Silver Olympic medals, three World Number 1's and the confirmation of a £15m investment fund via the LTA and sportscotland.

The minutes from the 2015 AGM were approved and can now be found on the Tennis Scotland website. The draft minutes from the 2016 AGM will be posted on the Tennis Scotland website after they have been seen by the Board in May 2017. These will be approved at the 2017 AGM next April.

Tennis Scotland AGM minutes - 2015

Key Announcements

(a)  The Honorary President
D D Carmichael was re-elected unopposed as Honorary President of Tennis Scotland for 2017/18.

(b)  The Honorary Vice-Presidents
The under-noted were re-elected unopposed as Honorary Vice-Presidents of Tennis Scotland for 2017/18.

Mrs A Hawke
Mrs C Lawrie
Mrs M Adams
A G Christie
A G Grosset
Mrs L B Hamilton
G B Kerr
P C Nicolson
R S Paterson
Mrs P A Reid
C M Robertson
Mrs S S Sim
J A E Stevenson
C M Thomson         
I S Wiggins
Mrs C Windmill

(c)  Auditors
The firm of RSM Chartered Accountants was re-appointed unopposed as Auditors of Tennis Scotland for 2017.

It was agreed to fix the rate of Fees and Subscriptions Rates for 2018 at £130 per court for member clubs. (The £130 includes a £20 per Court County Activity fee)

Following on from the AGM, attendees were presented with the draft Tennis Scotland Strategy 2018-22, which was well-received. Feedback was sought, and further regional consultation dates in May and June 2017 are currently being finalised. Invitations will be distributed in due course.

2016 Highlights Video

2016 Annual Report




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