18 & Under County Cup

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The 18 & Under County Cup kicks off tomorrow with teams from North, East, South and West Scotland all in action across the UK through the weekend (23-25 February).

The County Cup gives players the opportunity to represent their counties in a competitive team environment. The 44 counties of the UK are placed into 22 groups (11 boys and 11 girls) of 4 counties per group. The groups are organised, based on last year’s results, with promotion and relegation between each group. Matches against other counties are played on a round robin basis with each team playing 6 singles and 3 doubles rubbers.

West of Scotland Boys will play off against Surrey, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, to be crowned the top county in the country. Elsewhere in the boy's draw, North of Scotland are in Group 4B, South in Group 6A and East in 6B. In the Women's draw the East of Scotland are in 3A, North 3B, West 4A and the South in 6B.

The venues that each team will be competing at are as follows:

  Men Women
North of Scotland Group 4B Tipton Group 3B Wrexham
East of Scotland Group 6B Prestwick Group 3A Norwich
South of Scotland Group 6A Sunderland Group 6B Shrewsbury
West of Scotland Group 1 Bath Group 4A Newport


Good luck to all eight teams!

Results will be available on the LTA County Cup Page



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