British Tour Fast4 Circuit 2018

Friday, March 02, 2018

The calendar for the British Tour FAST4 Circuit has now been confirmed for 2018, with the season opener taking place at the National Tennis Centre on Saturday 24 March (men) and Sunday 25 March (women), ahead of the first rotation on the week end of 28/29 April.

British Tour FAST4 events were introduced in 2016 to allow adult players, including university students, who may have previously played at a high standard (good club level, county, national or international standard) the opportunity to compete in one day competitions whilst fitting this around their busy lifestyles. Many adult players are not able to compete in current week long Tier 1 and Tier 2 British Tour events due to work commitments. The Tier 3 competitions allow players to play more matches in a short period of time, and have a 19+over age priority of acceptance.

The 2018 circuit has expanded to 50 events, with events in each rotation geographically spread across Great Britain, including an increase in the number of events in Scotland from 4 to 7 during 2018.

2018 also sees the introduction of four British Tour FAST4 one day doubles events, being strategically positioned on the week-end of 7/8 July, ahead of Summer County Cup.

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