Aegon British Tour FAST4 Aberdeen

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The first Aegon British Tour FAST4 event played in Scotland has been voted a success by players and organisers. The new format one-day event attracted 27 players to the Westburn Indoor Tennis Centre in Aberdeen. Most players played 4 matches in the one day of competition with Stirling University student Dan Gunn beating local junior Ross Martin 4-2 4-2 in a very competitive final match.

Organiser Matt Kerswell and Referee Vikki Paterson were delighted to host the first event in Aberdeen. After the event, Vikki said “Feedback from the players was really good they all really enjoyed it and it was great being able to play it over 1 day.  It is the kind of event I am sure Westburn would love to host again.”

Aegon British Tour FAST4 events were introduced in 2016 to allow adult players who may have previously played at a high standard (such as players that have played at good club level, county, national or international standard) the opportunity to compete in one day competitions whilst fitting this around their busy lifestyles. Many adult players are not able to compete in current week long Tier 1 and Tier 2 British Tour events due to work commitments. The Tier 3 competitions allow players to play more matches in a short period of time.

All Aegon British Tour FAST4 events will be able to accept 16 Men and 16 Women over the weekend. Each event will use a 16 player elimination draw with compulsory first match (custom) consolation. Events are run over one day and ranking points will count towards the British Tour Leaderboard and to British Tennis Rankings.

Three further events will be played in Scotland during 2017 with the full calendar available at Aegon British Tour FAST4 Calendar 2017

Photograph: Men’s finalists Dan Gunn and Ross Martin



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