Aegon Winter County Cup

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Good luck to the players representing the four counties of Scotland in the Winter County Cup this weekend (24-26 November).

The Aegon County Cup events give players the opportunity to represent their counties in a competitive team environment. The counties are placed in 22 groups of 4 counties per gender with the groups organised in order of the previous year’s results, with promotion and relegation between each group. The match format is played on a round-robin basis with each team playing 6 singles and 3 doubles matches.

In the Men’s draw the East and North of Scotland will battle it out in Group 4A, with West of Scotland in Group 4B. The South of Scotland will be looking for promotion from Group 6B. In the Women’s draw North of Scotland are in Group 5A, West in 5B, East in 6A and South in 6B.

The venues that each team will be competing at will be as follows:

  Men Women
North of Scotland Group 4A Prestwick Group 6A Liverpool
East of Scotland Group 4A Prestiwck Group 5A Wirral
South of Scotland Group 6B Taunton Group 6B Boston
West of Scotland Group 4B Sunderland Group 5B Shrewsbury


Good luck to all eight teams who will be looking for promotion!

Results will be available on the LTA County Cup Page



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