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Friday, December 02, 2016

Safeguarding note to clubs – Coach Accreditation

Tennis Scotland takes this opportunity to remind Clubs of the importance of ensuring that their coaching workforce is LTA Accredited this is important in 3 ways.

  1. Accredited coaches have met current Safeguarding requirements in that they have had Criminal Record Checks and attended a Safeguarding workshop. They will also have a valid First Aid Certificate
  2. They have Public Liability Insurance to protect them should there be a claim in connection with any injuries to participants or damage to property.
  3. To protect the club; if there is a claim and the coach is uninsured, the claim may in some circumstances fall upon the club.

Through the Accreditation scheme coaches can either be Accredited or Accredited+. Tennis Scotland recommends that Coaching Assistants should be Accredited (formerly called Registered) whereas Lead/ Head Coaches should be Accredited+ (formerly called Licensed) which carries higher levels of insurance. Full details can be found on the LTA Website.



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