About Tennis Wales

This section tells you all about Tennis Wales and the Governing Bodies Structure

Tennis Wales is the National Governing Body for tennis in Wales.

Tennis Wales Governance Structure

Customer Charter

Tennis Wales Vision

Approx. 90 clubs are currently registered to Tennis Wales. Each year these clubs elect a Board of Directors which has responsibility for running the sport in Wales on their behalf. The Board meets five times a year to agree strategic direction but delegates the day-to-day running of the sport to a small, committed team of staff. Tennis Wales’ HQ is at Francis House, Drake Walk, Cardiff, but Tennis Wales also has an office in North Wales in Wrexham.

Tennis Wales’ three main funding partners are Sport Wales, the LTA, and the Tennis Foundation.  In addition, Tennis Wales also works in close partnership with Disability Sport Wales and a number of other partners.

The mission statement of Tennis Wales is:

"To grow the game of tennis in Wales in all respects, making it accessible to everyone in the community, and creating a pathway that can support talented players to reach their full potential."

Its key activities are:

  • Growing the Game
  • Creating a Nation of Champions
  • Growing the Workforce

Leading the Tennis Wales staff in working towards the above objectives is the Interim Tennis Wales Chief Executive Officer Simon Johnson, who provides the link between staff and volunteers, manages the business and liaises with all funding partners.

To support the first objective Tennis Wales employs a National Partnership Manager (Pam Griffiths), Participation Manager (Mark Lewis), Regional Participation Officers (Luke Williams and John Whitehall) who are supporting the growth of tennis with key partners through clubs, education and communities.

In recent years club membership has increased significantly and is now sitting at over 15,000!!  The majority of this growth and sustainability is due to the commitment of dedicated network of volunteers and driven coaches across Wales.

To support the production of national and international players, Tennis Wales employs a Team Wales Manager who focuses on players over 12 years of age.  These programmes are producing an increasing number of players who are among the best in GB for their age. To support both objectives Tennis Wales co-ordinates approximately 250 tournaments and competitions each year through the team. These events provide opportunities for anyone to compete from six-year old mini tennis player to a seventy-six year old veteran player!

The Tennis Wales National Workforce Manager, co-ordinates courses for potential new tennis leaders, teachers, competition coordinators, community tennis activators, and professional tennis coaches. The number of active tennis leaders and coaches has more than doubled over the last 3 years.

A Finance Officer and an Officer Manager completes the team.  The Tennis Wales team also provides support to the two County Committees within Wales - North Wales and South Wales.

The County Committees have responsibility for running local league tennis and County teams that compete in the GB Inter-County Championships. The South Wales Courtstall Summer Doubles League is one of the largest in GB. Veterans tennis for those aged thirty-five and over is co-ordinated by the North and South Wales Veterans Associations.

Tennis Wales is a well respected part of GB tennis and Welsh sport. A great deal of progress is being made towards achieving our twin objectives but as always, much work remains to be done! Should you have any questions relating to Welsh tennis please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are here to support!



Tennis Wales Office
Francis House
No 2 Drake Walk
Waterfront 2000, Cardiff CF10 4AN
029 20463335