Welsh Championships 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Players from Cardiff, Wrexham, Swansea, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan, Caernarfon and Bangor were among the winners at the Welsh Tennis Championships.

The event was hosted on Wrexham Tennis Centre’s indoor and outdoor courts and sponsored by Gap Personnel.

In all, over 150 players took part in the competition, with events for 8-and-under to adults.

“This is one of the key events in Welsh tennis and we were delighted to introduce the Wheelchair Competition this year,” said Tennis Wales chief executive, Peter Drew. “The championships showcase leading players across the age groups, and the standard of competition is very high.

“It’s really inspiring to see such burgeoning talent on show.”

Lucy Scott, general manager, Wrexham Tennis Centre said:

“We were thrilled to host the 2017 Welsh Junior Championships. With over 150 players from across Wales taking part, we made sure it was a fun-packed week as well as being competitive. Together with our new head chef, we put on a curry and quiz night and a BBQ which proved really popular with players and families. The icing on the cake for us was congratulating Wrexham winners Sam Morris, Megan Davies and Owen Critchell. We look forward to welcoming the Championships back to Wrexham in a couple of years.”

Winners (1) and runners-up (2) as follows:

Open Women’s Doubles

            1          Elinor Beazley and Megan Davies (Swansea Tennis Centre/ Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2          Alex Oelmann and Emily Watson (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

Open Men’s Doubles

            1          Mikar Fisher and David Parry (Bangor LTC)

            2          Frank Powell-Davies and George Webber (Cardiff LTC/ Bridgend LTC)

Open Women’s Singles

            1         Megan Davies          (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2         Elinor Beazley          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

Open Men’s Singles

            1          David Parry               (Bangor LTC)

            2          Mikar Fisher (Bangor LTC)

Open Men’s Wheelchair Doubles

            1         Tony Heslop/Kevin Lewis           (Cardiff Wheelchair Club)

            2         Martin French/Anthony Tibbs          (Cardiff Wheelchair Club)

Open Men’s Wheelchair Singles

            1          Tony Heslop (Cardiff Wheelchair Club)

            2          Martin French               (Cardiff Wheelchair Club)

18U Girls Doubles

            1          Elinor Beazley and Megan Davies          (Swansea Tennis Centre/ Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2          Lucie Hogg and Ethne Dowling        (Mold LTC/ Wrexham Tennis Centre)

18U Boys Doubles

            1          Callum Findlay and Mikar Fisher     (David Lloyd Club Cardiff/ Bangor LTC)

            2          Dafydd James and Frank Powell-Davies        (Cardiff LTC)

18U Girls Singles

            1          Elinor Beazley          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Megan Davies          (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

18U Boys Singles

            1          Callum Findlay            (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

            2          Mikar Fisher (Bangor LTC)

16U Girls Doubles

1         Elinor Beazley and Megan Davies          (Swansea Tennis Centre/ Wrexham Tennis Centre)
2         Aditi Chezhian and Ananya Chezhian   (Arfon Tennis Centre)

16U Boys Doubles

            1          Sam Morris and Frank Powell-Davies     (Wrexham Tennis Centre/ Cardiff LTC)

            2          Jack Ryan and George Webber       (Stow Park LTC/ Bridgend LTC)
16U Girls Singles

            1          Elinor Beazley          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Megan Davies          (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

16U Boys Singles

            1          Sam Morris                   (Wrexham Tennis Centre)

            2          George Webber           (Bridgend LTC)

14U Girls Doubles

            1          Aditi Chezhian and Laila Mai Savage    (Arfon Tennis Centre/ Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Sofia Chivers and Rebecca Dow             (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

14U Boys Doubles

            1          Kavin Durai and Shay Ryan                      (David Lloyd Club Cardiff/ Stow Park LTC)

            2          Alexander Glinister and Zac Essenhigh                 (Windsor LTC Penarth)

14U Girls Singles

            1          Aditi Chezhian     (Arfon Tennis Centre)

            2          Laila Mai Savage        (Swansea Tennis Centre)           

14U Boys Singles

            1          Viktor Frydrych             (Hoole LTC)

            2          Shay Ryan                    (Stow Park LTC)

12U Girls Doubles

            1          Sofia Chivers and Rebecca Dow             (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

            2          Megan Cheadle and Laila Mai Savage                  (David Lloyd Club Cardiff/ Swansea Tennis Centre)

12U Boys Doubles

            1          Owen Critchell and Viktor Frydrych        (Wrexham Tennis Centre/ Hoole LTC)

            2          Alexander Glinister and Zac Essenhigh     (Windsor LTC Penarth)

12U Girls Singles

            1         Laila Mai Savage     (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2         Aditi Chezhian         (Arfon Tennis Centre)

12U Boys Singles

            1          Viktor Frydrych             (Hoole LTC)

            2          Alexander Glinister     (Windsor LTC Penarth)

10U Girls Singles

            1          Mingge Xu                    (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Gracie Hurley                               (Swansea Tennis Centre)

10U Boys Singles

            1          Neirin Gilani (Windsor LTC Penarth)

            2          Oliver Page                  (Swansea Tennis Centre)

9U Girls Singles

            1          Mingge Xu                    (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Elizabeth Evans                          (Swansea Tennis Centre)

9U Boys Singles

            1          Oliver Page                  (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Archie Gray                  (Dinas Powys LTC)

8U Girls Singles

            1          Jemima Dean       (Dinas Powys LTC)

            2          Freya Walters               (Swansea Tennis Centre)
8U Boys Singles

            1          Archie Gray                  (Dinas Powys LTC)

            2          Thomas Edwards                        (Llanelli LTC)


Meanwhile, venues around the U.K are hosting the Tennis Foundation’s Push2Podium free tennis festivals, including Newport Tennis Centre on Saturday 16th September, 2pm to 6pm.

The event is open to anyone with a physical impairment and is part of the Tennis Foundation’s drive to encourage more participation in wheelchair tennis at every level and to identify talent.

Further information at: https://www.tennisfoundation.org.uk/play-tennis/physically-impaired-tennis/push2podium/  




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