Tennis Wales People Survey

Monday, July 09, 2018

Tennis Wales is currently developing a new Vision Plan for how we can support tennis in Wales in the best way.  We want to significantly increase tennis playing opportunities for everyone across Wales, no matter where people live or what their background.  This survey helps us to get a better understanding of two important things with this process:

  1. It helps us to better understand the people in the Wales tennis community so that we can support and create tennis opportunities in the best way
  2. It helps Tennis Wales to establish some core VALUES as an organisation for how we will aim to go about our business of supporting Welsh tennis

These are important things for us to get your feedback on, so we thank you very much for giving your time and thoughts.

To help give you a little more understanding of the direction of our new Vision Plans so far, below is our new Vision Statement and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Tennis for everyone, everywhere, inspiring Wales to be happy, healthy, and active


Mission Statement

Tennis Wales will inspire and support opportunities for all to enjoy, grow, and excel in our sport for life.  Our passionate team will develop partnerships and people to impact local communities, serving up a better life across Wales


Please click here to complete the survey in English


Please click here to complete the survey in Welsh



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