The following players have received a suspension through the LTA Disciplinary Process and are banned from playing during the dates specified below.

Membership No Name Suspension start date Suspension end date Suspension decision
109725281 Ezra Annafi 15-Dec-19  04-Jan-20  Code Violation 
109641696 Loretta Armane 08-Dec-19  21-Dec-19  Withdrawal 
110338686 Arthur Attrill 22-Dec-19  11-Jan-20  Code Violation 
112238253 Paul Cohen 28-Oct-19  25-Nov-19  Disciplinary Matter 
109334081 Lily Doherty 08-Dec-19  21-Dec-19  Withdrawal 
108507388 Eva-Lily Ellingham 17-Nov-19  30-Nov-19  Withdrawal 
109815977 Ethan Ellor 08-Dec-19  21-Dec-19  Withdrawal 
107480452 Zac Essenhigh 08-Dec-19  21-Dec-19  Withdrawal 
112402443 Jesse Frank Abu 10-Nov-19  23-Nov-19  Withdrawal 
109213596 Layne Gold 15-Dec-19  11-Jan-20  Code Violation 
109224082 Cameron Handley 15-Dec-19  04-Jan-20  Code Violation 
104526508 Georgia Lancaster 10-Nov-19  23-Nov-19  Withdrawal 
100881925 Gregor Maclean 05-Jan-20  18-Jan-20  Withdrawal 
111081854 Zara Man 10-Nov-19  23-Nov-19  Withdrawal 
113297496 Sotiris Rompas 22-Dec-19  04-Jan-20  Withdrawal