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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LTA East Region Performance Team – Key Information

Regional camp/training criteria and selection process

Regional teams will make player selections based on observations from centre and tournament visits. Players can also be nominated by their individual coach or county captain to the Regional Team if they feel that the player meets the following criteria. 

1. Game development

Players should display effective repeatable technique and a good understanding of tactical play that is relative to their age, this includes:

  • Sound repeatable technique on serve, return, groundstrokes and net play
  • Displays the ability to control the ball well.
  • Exhibits a range of skills when rallying, attacking and defending
  • Showing awareness of tactical skills including anticipation and decision making.

2. Great approach to training

Players will be expected to conduct themselves in a way that contributes to the smooth running of camps and to show a positive approach to training. Behaviours we want to observe include:

  • Displaying a clear enthusiasm to work hard on and off the court.
  • Listening well and responding positively to instruction
  • The ability to focus on the process of training
  • Great attitude to chasing every ball, challenging themselves to never let the ball bounce twice.

3. Physical development

Players will be expected to show high levels of conditioning that allows them to train well from start to finish. Qualities we want to see are:

  • Good level of agility, balance and coordination to support future athletic development.
  • The capacity to engage physically in every drill or point.
  • Fit enough to perform throughout the entire day.

4. Competitive profile

Competition is important for players and we would expect players to be competing in regional level events (Grade 3 +) and show the following attributes:

  • Spirit, determination and a fair attitude to match play
  • A willingness to compete positively when under pressure
  • Developing high percentage tennis during rallying, attacking and defending phases of play

The Regional Team want to see a constant appetite for improvement and personal best mentality in players that are considered for regional camps

Regional Workshop programme

Key Contact Information

Sarah Hylton LTA Talent and Performance Manager East


Natalia Ilkow LTA Regional Performance Coordinator East


James Buswell LTA  Regional Performance Coordinator East



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