Thursday, January 01, 2009

All schools can give children access to tennis on a playground, in a school hall or on a court and it is at school that most children have their first experience of tennis. To further provide pupils with access to coaching and other tennis support and facilities, schools can build a link with a local club, this not only benefits the pupils but also the schools, clubs and coaches involved.

Improved Access for Students

Schools that have built links with clubs have reported improved attitude, behaviour, achievement and confidence from the children and young people involved. School Club links enable schools to boost their profiles in the community and run clubs out of regular school hours to benefit pupils and their parents.

Benefits to Clubs

Linking with a school enables clubs to grow their membership base and increase their income. Schools can also provide clubs with younger volunteers to run competitions and other activities. Working with a school also enables clubs to increase their profile and reputation.

Opportunities for Coaches

Coaching in schools enables coaches to grow their business. Schools coaches also get the opportunity to inspire kids and help them with their first steps to become the champions of the future. Encouraging their club to build a link with a school can help coaches play a key role in the growth of their club’s membership and give them more influence in the running of their club.

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