Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cheshire LTA’s junior inter-club event, the Monkhouse Shield, was held at Congleton on Sunday 17th September.  This was the 4th year of running the event in one day and 9 boys teams and 6 girls teams came to Congleton from all over the county to take part in a full day’s play.  The teams were placed in round robin groups of 3 in the morning with the results deciding the positions in the draws for the second round in the afternoon.


The boys were split into 2 divisions, with the winners and runners up of each morning group going into a 6 team draw with play offs which meant that all the teams had at least 2 matches.  Bramhall Lane beat Hoole in the semi-final to reach the final.  There they met Lymm who had beaten Stockton Heath in the other semi-final.  Bramhall Lane proved to be too strong for Lymm and they were worthy winners of the Monkhouse Shield.  Stockton Heath beat Hoole in the 3rd/4th play off and Glan Aber and Heswall tied their match to share 5th place. 


The other boys teams went into a round robin group in which Congleton emerged as winners with Alderley Edge and Thorndale taking 2nd and 3rd places.

All of the girls teams went into a 6 team draw.  Bramhall Lane beat Lymm in the first semi-final and Widnes beat Heswall in the other semi-final.  There was some brilliant tennis as the first pairs battled it out with Bramhall Lane taking a narrow lead but the Widnes second pair made up the deficit and Widnes retained their title as Monkhouse Shield winners.  Lymm beat Heswall to take 3rd place and Neston claimed 5th place over Glan Aber.


The boys trophies were presented by John Hilton, chair of the Competition and Tournaments Committee.  John thanked John and Marion Doe for organising the competition, June Bowyer and Lindsay Newton for providing the refreshments, Monkhouse Sports for their sponsorship and Congleton Tennis Club for the use of the courts and club house.

The girls trophies were presented by Jean Siney who praised all the competitors for the spirit in which the tennis had been played. Overall, a great day of competition for all the players.




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