Alverstoke Year 3 Competition

Friday, July 06, 2012
Alverstoke Year 3 Competition

Alverstoke Lawn Tennis, Squash and Badminton Club held a year 3 mini tennis competition on Wednesday 20th June for local school children in Gosport. 65 year 3 pupils were involved in the morning, which saw 165 mini matches being played. The children umpired matches as well as competing so they experienced both playing and officiating a tennis match.

Local schools have been participating in a tennis coaching programme run by Dave and Marie Buzzard from Gosport Tennis Academy in curruculum time over the past year and this competition has put everything they have learnt into practice.

"Schools Tennis is high on our list of priorites, making sure every school child has the opportunity to try tennis in school for free", commented Marie Buzzard, coach at Gosport Tennis Academy. "All the children involved have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have improved over the time they have been playing."

More schools competitions are organised for the future and hopefully more and more children will start to play tennis in Gosport.



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