Sway Tennis Club Launch Wheelchair Tennis

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last September, Sway Tennis Club celebrated the official opening of its new junior and coaching facility with a demonstration of Wheelchair Tennis. The Club plans to offer the game to those who have yet to try it, coupled with giving experienced players access to its facilities for training and matchplay.





On Saturday, Peter Cartridge, Club Coach, put two experienced players through their paces. Ian Payne travelled from Kent and David Boucher from Poole.  

Since so much of playing wheelchair tennis centres around a player's speed in the chair, Peter began the session with movement drills. These gave both players practice in accelerating, turning and recovering.


Next David and Ian rallied from the back of the court. Almost all wheelchair tennis is played from this position since players are permitted two bounces prior to striking. Advances to the net are rare due to the ease with which a player can be lobbed. The players then practised their serves, with David demonstrating to 14 year old Ian how to create topspin - not easy from a sitting position.


Wheelchair Players at Sway

Finally, the players played some points with the more experienced David coming out on top. Club Chairman Craig McEwan commented," Both David and Ian are keen to re-visit the Club and both will be back during the Easter school break. We hope that two players from the Isle of Wight will join them. Eventually, the Club wants to see wheelchair players joining in with clubnight sessions."

Anyone looking to find out more about the opportunities available can contact Craig McEwan on 01590 683214



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