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Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome to the Norfolk Schools Tennis page! You will find all the information you need about schools tennis here, including advice and support available to get activity going at your school & lots of resources to help you along the way.



- School Club Links: Find out more about creating partnerships with your school and a local tennis club


- School Tennis Competitions: Why not enthuse your pupils and enter a local school tennis competition? Details about Primary, Secondary and Inclusive competitive opportunities can be found here

- Teacher Training Opportunities: Find out about the courses on offer to equip teachers with the skills they need to deliver tennis in a school environment.


Schools Tennis Equipment Bag

Why is tennis a great sport to introduce at your school?

Tennis is fun, great for fitness and for developing hand eye co-ordination. It can be played by all ages and abilities - boys and girls can play together, so it’s ideal for mixed classes.

Schools give most children their first experience of sport and their early experience can often determine whether they stay in the game. Recent research* (England) shows that tennis in schools is growing, with 80% of schools offering tennis and 47% of schools having a link with a local place to play tennis.

You don’t need tennis courts to play – it can be played in school halls, playgrounds or sports halls and a range of adapted equipment and modified or alternative versions of the game are available.

Tennis can be played anywhere - a sports hall is a great venue

More Information:

If you have any queries about the School Tennis Offer, please get in touch with your local team at Tennis East and we will be happy to help: 01223210111

Alternatively you can speak to your local School Games Organiser  for advice about starting tennis activity at your school and more specifically for issues regarding training courses and forging links with local clubs.

More information about Schools Tennis, including Further and Higher Education can be found here



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