County Training

Monday, January 16, 2017

Yorkshire Tennis County Training – A Framework

In 2015, Yorkshire Tennis re-introduced county training and the purpose of this paper is to provide information for captains, players and parents as to the training’s aims and management.


County training is run by the captains of the age group teams: Girls: U9, U10, U12, U14 and U18. Boys: U10, U12, U14, U18. In addition, the captains of the seniors ladies’ and men’s’ teams will also run training.

Until such time that the LTA announces the details of its Performance Programme and the interface with counties, the aims of Yorkshire county training are to provide:

  1. Suitably prepared players for potential selection to their age group or higher team or higher.
  2. An opportunity for players to train with other players of similar or better standard.
  3. Variety and challenge that may not be available in the players current training location


The Age Group Captains are responsible for the selection of players to their squads. They will undertake this task in a number of ways such as coach recommendation, tournament results and application.

Selection to the squad is at the sole discretion of the Age Group Captain and will last for 12 months unless the player fails to meet the standards expected. Yorkshire Tennis expects players to attend as many sessions as possible.

Standards Expected

Every player selected is expected to attend all the training sessions. Players will be assessed for Desire, Passion, Attitude, Athleticism and Talent. Should a player not attend a session without a reasonable reason (that must be advised to the Captain in advance) then the player may be suspended or removed from the squad at the discretion of the Captain.


Reasonable charges will be levied for squad training to cover the costs of the venue hire and coach. Typically, the cost would be £20 per player per session but players and parents will be advised prior to the commencement of the training.

Coaches Criteria for County Training/Captains

1) Working full time as a tennis coach to be able to commit to training and competition as a priority.

2) Actively looking to improve their own CPD in performance via Coach Qualifications; Level 4 or actively working towards this.

3) Being based as a Coach in the county.

4) To be working performance hours every week (no designated Centre required).

5) Be an LTA Accredited+ Coach.

6) Where possible attendance at tournaments within their own age group.



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