Monday, February 29, 2016

The 18U County Cup event was held over the weekend 26th to 28th February 2016. The Hampshire and IOW team was competing in Division 2a at Wrexham

The following players were selected to play for the team:  Esther Adeshina, Selina Briggs, Freya Davies, Aisling McGrane, Eleanor Millard, Lorelei Sanderson, Hannah Smith

Captains:               Sue Espley and Lisa Hanley

The other counties in the Division were:  Yorkshire, South Wales, Warwickshire

Day 1 vs Yorkshire

The 6 singles players were:

Esther, Freya, Selina, Aisling. Lorelei, Ellie

There were some very good performances, but Yorkshire were a very strong team and it was only Ellie at number 6 who was able to win her match in 3 sets in just under 3 hours!

The doubles pairs were:

Esther and Freya, Selina and Lorelei, Hannah and Aisling

The Hampshire & IOW girls put up a good fight in their doubles matches, but it was Freya and Esther who won their match in two sets.

This took end of day result to 7-2 to Yorkshire.

Day 2 vs Warwickshire

The team for today was:

Esther, Freya, Selina, Lorelei, Hannah, Ellie

On paper it looked like it was going to be a close tie, and the matches didn't disappoint.

Hannah, Selina and Esther all won in 2 sets. This took us into the doubles 3-3.

We changed the doubles pairs around to: Esther and Selina, Freya and Lorelei, Hannah and Aisling

Hannah and Aisling's opponents were just too experienced for them to be able to win.  Esther and Selina played great doubles to win in two sets.  It was down to a tired Freya and Lorelei to win the match, they were behind all the way, but somehow managed to claw back the second set and win the third set tie break. This gave us a 5-4 victory.  It was one of the best end of day battles I've seen in County Cups!

Day 3 vs South Wales

The team for today was:  Esther, Freya, Selina, Aisling, Lorelei, Hannah

We were playing for second position as Yorkshire we too far ahead in rubbers to catch.

Esther and Aisling both won their singles fairly comfortably. Lorelei had a crucial win in 3 sets after losing the first set.  Going into the doubles we were 3-3.

The doubles pairs were:  Esther and Selina, Freya and Ellie, Hannah and Aisling

Hannah and Aisling took a win in the third set tie break, whilst the 1st and second pairs managed to win in 2 sets.

Our end of day result 6-3 win.

Overall we came second which was a great result, Yorkshire won convincingly, whilst South Wales got relegated. 

Everybody in the Hampshire & IOW team contributed to our overall result with each player winning at least two matches which is a fantastic effort.

A great weekend.

Sue Espley, Team Captain



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