Ladies Summer County Cup Report 2017

Tuesday, August 08, 2017
Ladies Summer County Cup Report 2017

The Hampshire & IOW Ladies team got promoted in 2016, so this year we were back in Cromer competing in Division 2. 

The other counties in the division were:  Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Essex, Cheshire, Yorkshire

The team members were:  Isabelle Barfoot, Freya Davies, Debbie Hale, Harriet Jones, Magda Kornjiczuk, Lorelei Sanderson, Natalie Sayer, Zainab Williams

Day 1 vs Buckinghamshire

The team for our first day was:  Natalie and Harriet,  Debbie and Freya,  Lorelei and Zainab 

We only managed to get two rounds in before the weather turned and we had to abandon play.  Both Harriet and Natalie and Debbie and Freya managed to win very well fought matches to take us to 4-2 up. 

Day 2 vs Yorkshire

We had to finish yesterday's 3rd round match. Magda came in to play instead of Lorelei.  Again Harriet and Natalie and Debbie and Freya won theirs in the 3rd set tie break.  Magda and Zainab lost theirs in 3 the 3rd set tie break. 

End result against Buckinghamshire 6-3. 

The team against Yorkshire was:   Natalie and Harriet.  Debbie and Freya,  Magda and Zainab 

Natalie and Harry had a great day winning all three matches getting wins from two of the matches in the championship tie break 3rd set.  Debbie and Freya won two of their three matches the one they lost was narrowly in championship tie break!!  Zainab and Magda battled hard but were unable to find a win. 

End of day result 5-4 to Hampshire. 

Day 3 vs Norfolk

The weather forecast was not great for the afternoon so we got an early start to try and get the matches played. 

The team was:   Natalie and Harriet.  Debbie and Freya.  Magda and Zainab 

We had a short delay over lunch for rain, but other than that we managed to get the matches played. Norfolk were a strong side who had also won all their matches. 

Natalie and Harry won two matches, the one they lost went to a tie break third set.  Debbie and Freya fought hard and managed to win against the Norfolk second pair.   Lorelei came in and played the 3rd match with Magda, but the Norfolk team were to strong and experienced for the Hampshire & IOW 3rd pair. 

End of day result 6-3 Norfolk

Day 4 vs Cheshire

Sadly we were missing Harriet so we had some changes to our team:  Debbie and Freya.  Natalie and Lorelei,  Isabelle and Magda

Another early start as rain was forecast again. 

It was always going to be difficult without Harriet, but our end of day result of 7-2 didn't really reflect that we had our chances.  Sadly both our first and second pair lost a match tie break, and it was only Debbie and Freya who managed the 2 wins. 

At the end of the day, 4 teams are on 2 wins each. So everything to play for on Friday. Every rubber would count. 

Day 5 vs Essex

The team for today's match was:   Debbie and Freya.  Natalie and Lorelei,  Isabelle and Zainab

As the weather forecast was good we were back to playing a full third set.  Debbie and Freya went to 3 in their first round match but were unable to convert it to a win.  Magda came in to play the third round with Natalie and the team really did try to find another win, but through all their efforts only Debbie and Freya managed to win against the Essex 3rd pair. 

End of day result 8-1 to Essex

Sadly this meant that the Hampshire & IOW Team got relegated along with Buckinghamshire. Norfolk won the group and along with Essex have been promoted to Division 1. 

Our week started well, and we had hopes of being able to stay in Division 2, however a surprising result between Yorkshire and Norfolk affected our chances. 

We had a lot of new younger team members this year.  I hope they have taken a lot away from the weeks doubles will be able to build on their skills through the county practices with the older players for future County Cups. 

Sue Espley, Team Captain



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