Osman Tennis Lakesmere Cup

Monday, September 24, 2012
Osman Tennis Lakesmere Cup

The thirteenth annual Osman Tennis Lakesmere Cup was played in glorious British sunshine last Saturday, 8th September. The special uniqueness of this event is the partnership between Lakesmere – provider of the London Olympic Acquatics Centre roof – and Osman Tennis – provider of accessible and community-based tennis for more than twenty years. 

Forty-eight young Andy Murray and Laura Robson-wannabes competed in a series of events watched by parents and friends, and organised by a small army of volunteers in support of Osman Tennis’ dedicated team.

The Gold Medal & Grand Slam final performances included:


Ages 5-6: Zahra Webb 7 – Jasmine Jones 6

7-8: Emma Shingleton-Smith

9-11: Milly Lawrence 15 – Zoe Henderson 11


5-6: Ben Mercer 7 – Harvey Cross 6

7-8: Nicholas Moore 10 – Christopher Vander Walt 7

9-11:Freddie Taylor 16 – Isaac Ebejer 14

12-15: Iain Reeves 6 – Samuel Wyatt 4

Osman Tennis offers an extensive programme of tennis coaching for all abilities and ages. For more details of this LTA Tennis Beacon nestled in the River Park Leisure Centre please see:

Website: http://www.osmantennis.co.uk

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