The Tennis Shave Off! Raising money for Prostate Cancer at the Priory Tennis Centre

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two coaches from the Priory Tennis Centre in Portsmouth, Jack Conway & Nicholas Psomiadis, have organised a charity tennis match called ‘The Shave Off’ to raise money for Prostate Cancer. 

Jack & Nick will play a match and the loser will have to shave off an eyebrow, beard or their hair!  What gets shaved will be chosen by a lucky spectator!

Jack said “it’s time that we realise too many people have their lives taken away by cancer and the affect it has on the families is unbearable.  Please come along to support the event, together we can abolish cancer!”

Nick said” Once jack told me his idea about the event I said of course I am in the following second. I feel blessed being part of it, and be able to provide some incomes to such an important research with doing what I know the best.”

The coaches chose to support prostate cancer as it’s the most common cancer in men.  Approximately 238,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the UK during 2014 and about 30,00O will die.  This number has to change!

So how can you support this great event?  Tickets are on sale for just £3, the ‘Tennis Shave Off’ is being held at Priory Tennis Centre, 5pm, on 1st November.  So go on, buy a ticket today!!

Please call 07528 857109 or 02392 863035.



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