Batchwood Tennis Centre Destroyed by Fire

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Batchwood Golf and Tennis Club buildings in St Albans, Hertfordshire have been destroyed in a fire. The authorities are concerned that the remaining shell could collapse at any point.

The Batchwood Golf and Tennis Club buildings in St Albans, Hertfordshire have been destroyed in a possible arson attempt. The building is being inspected by forensic officers to determine the cause of the fire. The area has been cordoned off as the police and fire brigade are concerned that a gust of wind could lift the entire roof off the remainder of the shell of the main hall.

THE golf course and gym at Batchwood Golf and Tennis Centre are expected to remain closed for most of the week, following a massive blaze in the early hours of this morning.

The tennis centre and bowls club was almost entirely destroyed after a fire broke out just after 2.35am this morning.

Only their charred and collapsed shells remain after the rest was destroyed by the raging flames which spread across the two buildings.

Matt James, LTA Head of Participation said:

“We recognise the fantastic work and programmes that are being delivered at Batchwood, and our immediate priorities are to support Mandy Franks and the team in ensuring that those programmes continue with the minimum amount of disruption, whilst at the same time supporting all the tennis partners at Batchwood so that the facilities are rebuilt, and tennis returns to Batchwood stronger than ever, and as soon as possible.”

Mandy Franks added:

“The programme will continue as normal and there will be no changes. All players will be fully supported and their programmes fully committed to. We have had a positive and successful meeting to find a way forward and solutions to the current situation. We are currently looking at a range of options to ensure the very successful programmes continue at various local options and are optimistic to be able to have concrete plans in the next few days.”



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