Welsh Tennis Championships 2018

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Players from Cardiff, Wrexham, Swansea, Llanelli, Newport, Penarth and Dinas Powys were among the winners at the Welsh Tennis Championships.

The event was held at Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club and David Lloyd Cardiff.

In all, 191 players took part in the competition playing 452 matches, with events for 8-and-under to adults.

“This is one of the key events of the year in Welsh tennis,” said Tennis Wales President, Ann Powell. “The championships showcase leading players across the age groups, and the standard of competition is very high.

“It’s really inspiring to see such burgeoning talent on show.”

Winners (1) and runners-up (2) as follows:

Open Women’s Doubles

            1          Rhian Griffiths and Buddug James                         (Cardiff LTC)

            2          Gracie Hurley and Mingge Xu                                  (Swansea Tennis Centre)

Open Men’s Doubles

            1          Tiarnan Brady and Danny Flynn                              (Cardiff LTC / Radyr LTC)

            2          Callum Findlay and Robert Knight                            (Cardiff LTC)

Open Women’s Singles

            1          Megan Davies                                                           (Wrexham LTC)

            2          Tegan Heaton                                                            (Swansea Tennis Centre)

Open Men’s Wheelchair Singles

            1          Tony Heslop                                                              (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)

            2          Martyn French                                                          (Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis Club)

Open Men’s Singles

            1          Danny Flynn                                                             (Radyr LTC)

            2          Callum Findlay                                                           (Cardiff LTC)

18U Boys Doubles

            1         Dafydd James and Frank Powell-Davies                   (Cardiff LTC)

            2         Sebastian Birchall and Taylor Webb                           (Rhos-on-Sea LTC and Wrexham LTC)

18U Girls Doubles

            1         Tegan Heaton and Ellen Jones                                    (Swansea Tennis Centre and David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

            2         Angela Bannister and Elysia Beynon                          (Llandybie LTC and David Lloyd Club Swansea)

18U Girls Singles

            1         Megan Davies                                                              (Wrexham LTC)

            2         Tegan Heaton                                                               (Swansea Tennis Centre)

18U Boys Singles

            1         Danny Flynn                                                                 (Radyr LTC)

            2         Callum Findlay                                                              (Cardiff LTC)

16U Girls Doubles

            1         Sofia Chivers and Rebecca Dow                               (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

            2         Anya Del Amo and Nicole Kells                                  (Cardiff LTC and Dinas Powys LTC)

16U Boys Doubles

            1         Henry Muxworthy and Frank Powell-Davies             (Llanelli LTC and Cardiff LTC)

            2         Jack Ryan and Louis Zwart                                       (Stow Park LTC and David Lloyd Club Swansea)

16U Girls Singles

            1         Laila May Savage                                                        (Llanelli LTC)

            2         Alicia Loosemore                                                         (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)    

16U Boys Singles

            1         Frank Powell-Davies                                                   (Cardiff LTC)

            2         Zac Essenhigh                                                            (Windsor LTC Penarth)

14U Girls Doubles

            1         Iris Plane and Laila Mai Savage                                   (David Lloyd Club Cardiff and Llanelli LTC)

            2         Jemimah Choi and Seren Smale                                   (Wrexham LTC and David Lloyd Cheshire Oaks)

14U Boys Doubles

            1          Rufus Plane and Shay Ryan                                     (Cardiff LTC and Stow Park LTC)

            2          Zac Essenhigh and Viktor Frydrych                         (Windsor LTC Penarth and Bolton Arena)

14U Girls Singles

            1        Laila May Savage                                                         (Llanelli LTC)

            2        Sofia Chivers                                                               (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

14U Boys Singles

            1          Viktor Frydrych                                                           (Bolton Arena)

            2          Zac Essenhigh                                                            (Windsor LTC Penarth)

12U Boys Doubles

            1          Felix Bockelmann-Evans and Neirin Gilani                   (Windsor LTC Penarth)

            2          Iolo Grant and Kyle Pesario                                         (David Lloyd Club Cardiff and David Lloyd Club 


12U Girls Singles

            1          Mingge Xu                                                                    (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Iris Plane                                                                       (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

12U Boys Singles

            1          Viktor Frydrych                                                            (Bolton Arena)

            2          Conor Flynn                                                                  (Radyr LTC)         

10U Girls Singles

            1          Elizabeth Evans                                                            (Swansea Tennis Centre)

            2          Nia Lewis                                                                     (Swansea Tennis Centre)

10U Boys Singles

            1          Archie Gray                                                                  (Dinas Powys LTC)

            2          Oliver Page                                                                   (Swansea Tennis Centre)

9U Girls Singles

            1          Jemima Dean                                                                (Dinas Powys LTC)

            2          Summer Evans                                                             (Carmarthen TC)

9U Boys Singles

            1          Archie Gray                                                                  (Dinas Powys LTC)

            2          Evan Lendrum                                                              (Windsor LTC Penarth)

8U Girls Singles

            1          Awen Gwilym Davies                                                  (David Lloyd Club Cardiff)

            2          Summer Evans                                                             (Carmarthen TC)

8U Boys Singles

            1          Max Lendrum                                                              (Windsor LTC Penarth)

            2          Rundong Huang                                                          (Swansea Tennis Centre)



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