Hampshire & IOW Ladies Team take to Centre Court

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Hampshire & IOW Ladies Team take to Centre Court

Hampshire & IOW Ladies Team take to Centre Court on Sunday 24th March.

The team consisted of Debbie Hale, Lisa Radford, Hannah Crawford, Taz Keens, Catherine O’Connor and Hetty Knox.  Harriet Piercy was missing from no.1 pair with Lisa Radford as she is expecting in 4 weeks, the first baby of a long standing team member. So we missed her on court, but as a true Hampshire supporter she came to show her support.

With great tennis names Clare Wood former British no.1 playing Grand Slam tennis, Jheni Osman former GB player again competing at Wimbledon to compete against as well as other strong players. Hampshire were up for the challenge!!

We claimed the first win of the day Debbie and Lisa against the no.3’s followed by a narrow loss for Catherine and Hetty losing out in the championship tiebreak against the no.2’s. Our 2’s Hannah and Taz, took some warming up as the snow was falling outside and we moved to play indoors.

The 2nd round was a close match with Hannah and Taz beating the no’3’s and Hetty and Catherine competing against the solid no.1 pair. Debbie and Lisa took it all the way to beat the no’2s in the championship tiebreak. Whilst Lisa remained playing tennis in her ski jacket as it was so cold….

After the 2nd round the teams were tied 3 rubber each, so all to play for after a lovely lunch courtside. With some supported from Hampshire, we were keen to take the win.

It all matched up for the 3rd round 1vs 1, Jheni Osman experience and solid partner Ann Ely took an early lead, Lisa and Debbie fought back and with some missed opportunities we lost that match 4 All England 3 Hampshire.

Hannah and Taz took an early lead leading 1 set and 4-3, the no’2s Carina Dalton and Katherine Laidler fought back, taking the 2nd set to a tie-break and with some great doubles play from Taz and Hannah they took the rubber. All England 4 Hampshire 4.

Into the last match Hetty and Catherine were looking for the first win of the day, with some close games narrowly missing game points but lost the 1st set and with more promise in the 2nd set. Claire Wood’s experience and partner Sian played solid net play with great angles and drop shots and taking the 2nd set.

All England 5 Hampshire & IOW 4

The day was spectacularly hosted by the All England Club and a pleasure to be invited to compete, they are keen to have another match next year, so hopefully we can steal a win.

Thank you to all our supporters.



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