AEGON 14&U County Cup - Girls report

Thursday, May 10, 2012
AEGON 14&U County Cup - Girls report

AEGON 14&U County Cup took place on the 5th - 7th May and Team Captain Fiona Nicholson reports on how the girls did:  




Venue: Bath University, Acrylic

Team Players: Selina Briggs, Jo Tomlinson, Ellie Millard, Kirsty McColluch, Louise Collier, Emily Bowen

Captains: Fiona Nicholson and Lisa Radford

Hants and IOW versus Channel Islands

After an eventful team building evening and a fantastic nights sleep we were prepared to play the C.ISLES.- our pronounciation – Sissles!..Ellie and Kirsty stormed us into a 2-0 lead.  Then Jo after going 5-1down, came back to win the 1st set tiebreak followed by a comfortable second set.  Selina cruised through to give is a win for the day even before the doubles commenced.  Louise stepped in for the doubles with Selina along with Kirsty and Ellie to set the final score as a 6-0 white wash.

Hants and IOW versus Cornwall

The girls were all fired up after watching their idol Zac Effron the night before.  Today Emily played her first ever county match with a fantastic win so a 100% record! Louise also had a brilliant singles win to put us 2 -0 up. Selina and Jo put us comfortably in the lead and once again we had won the tie before the doubles started. Our almighty double partners of Selina, Jo and Ellie, Kirsty helped us cruise through another 6-0 win, despite the very cold playing and supporting conditions!

Hants and IOW versus Herfordshire

So day 3 was finals day. Whoever is victorious will make it through to National finals. We knew we had tough opposition, but we knew we would fight, and we were transferred inside due to rain.. Ellie had a strong opponent even taller than her, who was just too good on the day. Kirsty pulled off an amazing win by keeping her cool and using excellent angles. 1-1. Jo and Selina were both playing girls 3 ratings above themselves. They performed as well as they could but were unfortunately defeated. So it all came down to the doubles keeping it exciting but Herts who were last years national champions, were too strong and one 5-1 overall.

A great effort from the whole team and supporting families. GO Hampshire & IOW!



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