American University Life by Matt Frost

Friday, October 28, 2011
Matt Frost


I left for my American University unsure of what lay in store for me. The 11 hour journey there was full of excitement, but also nerves.

I was met by the assistant coach and introduced to 3 of the team immediately; already I felt part of something.

It is a bit like having a second family.  You do everything together - from going out, to workouts and obviously every practice. Imagine being part of an academy but living with them.  It is special.

I have travelled to 3 tournaments since my arrival; all of them were fun, no matter what your result is. This is simply because you are with your team and part of something.  No feeling lonely at strange tournaments if you have travelled on your own and no parents nagging you to warm up but your own coach instead.

The university is so helpful with putting your schedule together and they offer people to support you through anything academically. The training rooms are fantastic and it is like having your own personal physio.

I can’t think of anything better for someone who wants a new challenge and a great opportunity to improve your tennis, while attaining a degree. It can be tough at times but you always have your team to turn to like you would your family back home.

Matt Frost
October 2011



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