County Talent ID 7&U, 8&U

Thursday, April 05, 2012
mini red player

Dear Coach

On Saturday on the 16th of June 2012, Bucks LTA will be holding a County Talent ID session at  Bucks Indoor Centre. The purpose of this day is to view players born between

7s Red Court 1.09.2004 – 31.08. 2005

8s Orange Court 1.09.2003 – 31.08.2004

 that could potentially be put through to a regional talent ID day.

 This letter is to invite you to nominate players from your club, by completing and returning the form below to Sue Gray at the Bucks LTA office by Friday 18th of May. The players you nominate must be born or live in Bucks and should be meeting the criteria below:

  • Should have good coordination and athletic ability.
  • Learn quickly and pick up instruction easily.
  • Are determined and competitive, in both tennis and non tennis activities.
  • Players who are able to rally consistently and are beginning to compete on a regular basis.
  • 8&u must be red 1 or orange rated
  • 7&u must be a red 1-3 rating
  • Identified as a potential future performance player at your club.
  • Should be involved or looking to be involved in regular coaching

The players born 1.09.2004-31.08.2005 (7&u) will be using indoor mini red sponge balls on the day. The players born 1.09.2003-31.08.2004 (8&u) will be using the orange ball.

 You may make the parents of the children you have nominated aware of the county talent ID date above, but please note that not all children that are nominated may be accepted due to number limitations.

 All players who attend the day will be given feedback on their performance, with the successful players being invited to attend the Regional Talent ID day.

 Natalia Ilkow

Talent and Performance Coordinator

 Tel: 07535681033




Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre
Holmers Lane
High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP12 4QA
01494 471238