Coach Workshops at Birmingham Aegon Classic & Eastbourne Aegon International

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two great coach workshops will be taking place at the Birmingham Aegon Classic & Eastbourne Aegon International.

Don't miss out!  Coaches attending the workshops will have coffee and pastries on arrival, the workshop, lunch and a ticket to centre court for the tennis in the afternoon, 3 license credits all for £60!! 

Spaces are limited to 30 per workshop and are aimed at Licensed Coaches.

Workshop details & booking:

Local Authority Tennis Partnerships - June 9th and 16th

A large proportion of tennis participation in the UK takes place on public parks tennis courts, which are owned by Local Authorities. The LTA and TF are striving to support both Local Authorities and coaches to strengthen the community tennis offer by extending the reach to enable more people from the wider community to play tennis more often.

This course has been developed to help coaches to better understand the community tennis landscape and how local authorities operate. The course will provide valuable information for coaches that are interested in running a community venue and to help them differentiate between running a coaching business in the community and working at a traditional tennis club. It will also provide an insight into case studies of current park sites, suggested operating models and the potentially complex tendering process

Developing the business of running gold clubs and the vital role club professionals play - June 10th and 17th

Now, perhaps more than ever before, PGA Professionals need to be sure that they are not only making a good living for themselves, but are seen to be contributing to the success of the facility where they work.

Many golf clubs are having to become much more business-like in the way they are run. As a result they are examining the expected return on any major spend. As such, a PGA Professional needs to ensure that they are able to demonstrate the value of any ‘investment’ made in them.

Having a clear idea of how the PGA Professional contributes to successful running of the facility makes it easier to demonstrate the value (ideally measureable) that their services bring.

This workshop session will:

  • Provide background on the golf industry, primarily focussing on GB & I
  • Identify how ‘the rules have changed’ for almost all golf clubs (& golf professionals)
  • Explain how to ‘Be a Rainmaker’ at your facility
  • Help you demonstrate your value to the club by answering 10 key questions?
  • Help you position yourself as ‘The Right (Golf/Tennis)Pro, in the Right Place, at the Right Time’.
  • Address what being someone who is ‘Value for money’ might actually mean

Birmingham Aegon Classic June 9th and 10th

Eastbourne Aegon International June 16th and 17th



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