LTA apprenticeship scheme

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
LTA apprenticeship scheme

Did you know that the LTA apprenticeship scheme takes on 16-24 year olds who are interested in a career in coaching.  A large proportion of places to play were unable to take on an apprentice as the majority of coaches are self-employed, and apprentices need to be employed to get onto the scheme.  Well this is no longer the case as the LTA are now working with an agency that will employ your apprentice for you for a fee of £10 a week.


  • Apprentices are employed for 30 hours a week (normally 15 on court 15 off court doing admin, this is all very flexible)
  • Apprentices are paid £95 a week
  • All the training is paid for under the scheme(level 2 or level 3)
  • The employment agency charges £10 per week
  • You and other local places to play could club together to use the apprentice at all the venues and divide the cost.

You may have a player who helps out already and they are looking to go down the coaching route but are unsure of the best way to approach it.  Not all of our apprentices come from a tennis background some have only played at school, we can help with advertising the role to local schools and colleges as well as putting out the information to all BTM’s in the local area.

If you think that you may be interested in an apprentice at your place to play please contact Sarah Rutherford – Apprenticeships are a get way of training up someone to be part of your coaching team.



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