Aegon Team Tennis Buckinghamshire Newsletter No3

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Aegon Team Tennis

Aegon Team Tennis Buckinghamshire Newsletter No3

Welcome to our 3rd newsletter but unfortunately it brings news of further team withdrawals. It is a pity that teams are being withdrawn at this stage of the competition as it affects the leagues and the number of matches available. However these teams have now withdrawn.


  1. Penn & Tylers 16&u Girls A team – Div 2A
  2. Chesham Bois 18&U Boys team – Div1
  3. Aylesbury 8&U  Red B team –  Div1D            


We hope there will be no further withdrawals. Remember you can always use 3 players in a 4 player event if you are stretched rather than withdraw. If a team gives a walkover they will have to withdraw from the competition and their results will be invalid.


Player Eligibility


There have been some queries about player eligibility. Remember they can play for 2 different age groups in the 12&U to Adult but only 1 Place to Play in the Aegon competition. For younger players there are restrictions as outlined in the captain’s guide. If a Club has more than 1 team in an age group (A & B) a B team player can only play up once for the A team. If he/she plays more than 1 game for the A team he/she cannot then play for the B team again.


Some players will have learned that their rating may have gone up from an 8.2 to an 8.1 this Monday 15 April following the latest rating run. They would have been eligible to play last weekend as they would have been 8.2 but once they have moved up to 8.1 they will now be ineligible for the 2-player league.


Rained off matches this last weekend.


Please try and rearrange any matches which were rained off this weekend. We would prefer you to try and avoid the rain date at this stage of the tournament just in case of further pressures on this date. The venue remains as it was even if the team travelled as outlined in the Captain’s Guide.




It is the winning teams responsibility to enter results and it is hoped this can be completed by the Tuesday following the weekend of play at the latest. Please ensure you have your opponent’s full names and BT numbers so that you can complete the results. We do not want entries showing as Unknown male / female players as this will result in a lot of extra work and correspondence.


Club ID and Passwords


These were sent out to all the team captains early in the season and it is hoped that coaches or junior organisers will have shared any information they have received if new captains have been appointed. There has been a small corruption with some of the login details. Please check that the Login ID is in the format LTABUC0XX. The last 3 digits are your Club ID. The passwords will be correct. When the original mail merge was sent out some Logins had added some extra letters so please check and amend if necessary. Any problems please contact us.                             


8&U Red - additional enquiry.


At the captain’s preseason meeting Janet asked if there were any small clubs who are unable to raise 4 red players but might be interested in a 2-player competition arranged at a central venue. She has offered Wooburn LTC on Saturday 11th May and would like to hear from any interested clubs. We are aiming to attract players with R2, R3 and R4 ratings. There is the possibility that a further venue could be arranged if there was enough interest. We have been given permission by the LTA to see if this could work.


I hope your fixtures are now confirmed but please let us know if you have any problems.


Kind regards,

Malcolm and Janet

Janet Jamieson

Team Tennis Buckinghamshire 2013


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