Reactivate Bucks

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
If you’re anything like 40% of adults in Bucks, you work hard in your professional life, juggle busy home and social lives and have no idea where the last 5 years went, let alone where the flabby bit around your middle appeared from!

Likelihood is that you were a lot more active when you were younger and didn’t think twice about finding time to do a bit of sport, but now it seems like more of a challenge. However there are a range of sessions designed specifically for you taking place this May. So if there’s a racket going on at home, or you need a way to get rid of stress at work, then try your hand at one (or more!) of these featured sports and get your fitness fix in under an hour.

In Cardio Tennis you bounce to the beat in a high energy cardio workout. It burns up to 600 calories in an hour and you don’t have to have any tennis skills. Alternatively, Tennis Xpress teaches you how to serve, rally, score in just 6 weeks with group coaching and equipment provided.


Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre
Holmers Lane
High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP12 4QA
01494 471238