Boys U12 Aegon County Cup

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Eastgate Club, Lincoln 27th, 28th June 2015

Cambridgeshire Team
Darius Fatemi-Ghomi
Zachary Cox
Vicente Castillo
Yujiro Onuma

Saturday 27th June
Day 1 saw the Cambs boys take on Suffolk and Bedfordshire, with Suffolk the first
opponent. For the 3 singles Darius, Vicente and Yujiro took on Harper Mills, Adam
Rudolph and Sebastian Koci-Edwards respectively. The boys took all 3 matches
and so took a 3-0 lead and the tie with the doubles still to play. Aside from a
straightforward win from Vicente, it was not as easy as it sounded with both Darius
and Yujiro winning in 3rd set tiebreaks. Zachary came in for the doubles partnering
with Yujiro against Sebastian Koci-Edwards and Lucas Walker. The boys won the
match convincingly and so took the tie 4-0

Daruis vs Haper Mills W 4-2, 2-4, 10-5
Vicente vs Adam Rudolph W 4-1, 4-0
Yujiro vs Sebastian Koci-Edwarda W 4-2, 4-5 (5), 10-6
Zachary + Yujiro vs Sebastian Koci-Edwards + Lucas Walker W 4-0, 4-0

The second tie of the day was much the same as tie 1, with the boys winning 4-0,
this time against Bedfordshire. A slight line up change with Zachary coming in for
Yujiro, saw Darius take on Callum Cawsey, Zachary against Lewis Franklin and
Vicente playing George Whitley. The tie was finished off with Daruis and Vicente
taking the doubles against Lewis Franklin and George Whitley.

Daruis vs Callum Cawsey W 2-4, 4-1, 10-3
Zachary vs Lewis Franklin W 4-0, 4-1
Vicente vs George Whitley W 4-0,4-1
Darius + Vicente vs Lewis Franklin + George Whitley W 4-0, 4-0

Sunday 28th June
Day 2 and tie 3 put the Cambs team against Norfolk. Day 2 would offer up tougher
challenges than day 1 and this was evident from the start. For the 3 singles Darius
and Vicente took on Scott Whiting and Joseph Henden respectively. Zachary found
the win against Frederick Withers in 3 sets while Darius and Vicente fought hard,
both having tight matches, but losing out in 3rd set tiebreaks. So into the all
important doubles to keep the tie alive. And another close fought match saw the
Cambs boys of Darius and Vicente come out on top against Scott Whiting and
Joseph Henden. This left the tie at 2-2 and so would have to be decided with a
doubles match tie break. Darius and Vicente stayed together and kept their winning
momentum going with a convincing tiebreak shootout victory.

Darius vs Scott Whiting L 2-4, 4-1 5-10
Zachary vs Frederick Withers W 4-1, 1-4 10-6
Vicente vs Joseph Henden L 4-2 3-5 10-8
Darius + Vicente vs Scott Whiting + Joseph Henden W 5-3, 4-2
Match Tie Break
Darius + Vicente W 10-7

3 tie wins from 3 and the Cambs boys were now in a promotion battle with Essex,
also winners of all their other matches. The same singles lineup of Darius, Zachary
and Vicente struggled against a strong side of Jayden Tran, Benjamin Stanford and
Adam Groves. The boys fought hard but went down in 3 close matches. Zachary
just losing out in a 3rd set breaker and Vicente fighting back from 4-0 3-1 down to
lose the set on a tiebreak. Vicente and Zachary played the final doubles, a tough
match to get motivated for when already 3-0 down, but the boys battled on, just
coming up short.

Darius vs Jayden Tran L 2-4, 1-4
Zachary vs Benjamin Stanford L 4-1, 1-4, 2-10
Vicente vs Adam Groves L 1-4 4-5 (3)
Zachary + Vicente vs Adam Groves + Ben Rowe L 2-4, 1-4



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