Hosepipe Ban Guidance

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tennis places to play with grass or clay courts will be affected by the restrictions on water usage. Areas of grass or other surface requiring regular watering are included in the definition of ‘garden’ meaning it is an offence to water your courts unless you have reached an agreement with your water company allowing you to do so.

There are currently seven water companies imposing a hosepipe ban (Anglian Water, Southern Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Thames Water, Veolia Water South East and Veolia Water Central), although if the drought continues more companies may be added to this list. Water companies can grant exemptions at their discretion, so it is vital that affected places to play tennis contact their water companies now.

The LTA, as the national governing body for tennis, will also be providing support and guidance to places to play to help them cope with the water restrictions and to conserve water usage in the longer term. We will also urge water companies to consider the needs of tennis places to play.

Please see are Guidance notes for more information



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