Inspired Facilities Funding

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tired, worn out, old facilities make it harder for people to start or keep doing sport. They can also be more expensive to run and difficult to maintain.

The Inspired Facilities fund could help you refurbish or upgrade your sports facility; or convert an existing building into a venue suitable for sport and accessible to the whole community.
We will invest in most types of improvement or refurbishment work that will help you develop sport in your local area. To qualify for a grant you will need to:
  • Show how your project will keep and, ideally, attract more people to sport
  • Demonstrate that it is needed and wanted by the local community
  • Explain how it will cover its running costs and remain open for sporting use for years to come

In particular, we are looking for projects or organisations across the country that:

  • Have not previously received an individual sports Lottery grant worth £10,000 or more
  • Offer local opportunities to people who do not currently play sport, or
  • Are the only public sports facility in the local community


We have tried to make applying for an Inspired Facilities grant as straightforward as possible, with no specialist knowledge required.

This is why, although we are not telling you what you need to invest in, we have pulled together a catalogue of typical facility developments and improvements.

This catalogue is based on what sports clubs have told us they need, and the improvements are grouped into five areas:

  • Building modernisation
  • Outdoor sports lighting
  • Outdoor sports surfaces
  • Community club buildings
  • Sports equipment

You can use the catalogue to help you work out realistic costs, calculate your budget and gather the information you need for your application form. The costs shown include:

  • Design fees
  • Satisfying planning requirements and building regulations
  • Connecting to local services such as water or electricity
  • A small contingency sum and regional variations in prices

VAT has not been included as not all clubs will have to pay this. If you do have to pay it– or are not sure – simply add 20% VAT to your budget to make sure you are asking for enough money.

Of course, you do NOT have to use the catalogue. We will accept applications for items not listed but you will need to work out the costs and other relevant information yourself. If you choose this  route, we suggest you use an appropriately qualified person, such as a quantity or building surveyor, to produce a report with all necessary details and costs requested on your application form.


We have pulled together a group of contractors who can do all the work for you, if you receive a grant. This includes:

  • Checking your budget costs
  • Applying for necessary statutory approvals or planning permission
  • Doing the work
  • Preparing maintenance manuals

As with the catalogue, these contractors are there to help you. You do not have to use them and may use your own contractors if you prefer. 

Find out more about working with a pre-selected contractor



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